The Farm

The Gasperinis, with Lorena and Simonetta, follow the old family tradition taking care of their own animals, loving them, as they love their own products.
Rhythms and gestures of a true rural life will characterize your stay: you can follow the owners with their dogs while they go looking for truffles, or milk the cows in the farm.

Cheese, fresh ricotta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and high quality wines are some of our typical products, and they represent the best result of our continuous engagement and respect for the healthy and genuine food.
Inside the farmhouse you can try our products and buy what you like.

The Suffolk farming in our farmhouse dates back to the beginning of 70’s, when Domenico, Lorena and Simonetta’s father, bought this sheep in Great Britain.

Our Suffolk is the result of a crossbreeding between female Norfolk and Southdown rams, and it was recognized as a pure breed already in 1810.

This prestigious breed is today present in every farm producing sheep meat.

During the past 10 years thousands of Suffolks have been exported to: Austria, Azores, Belgium, Check republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, Kenia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United States.

The Breeding Gasperini is one of the best known benchmarks in Italy.

Race affects the head and legs below the knee are devoid of wool and covered with fine hair, black, shiny.
The head is without horns and a black face and long, a fairly thin nose and females is characteristic of a good dairy and breeding.
The eyes are bright, thin ears and brought to eye level.
The neck is relatively short and stout, broad shoulders and sloping, the chest is deep and wide, the dorsal-lumbar region is long, horizontal, well-wrapped meat.
The ribs are deep and prominent. The limbs are straight with bone of good quality, covered with wool knee. The front and rear are spaced well covered with lean meat.
The superb posture, force and quality shows.

In Britain, the Suffolk breed is the champion of beef breeds. The rams are used as breeding flocks in 70% of other breeds to improve meat and lambs for slaughter weight and better quality.

The Suffolk lamb born with an average weight of 5.5 kg and has a capacity of very high growth.
It is estimated that in England, some farmers have achieved the incredible value of 800 grams per day even if obtained through experimentation with special feeding programs.

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